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This page was last modified on : 12/13/2012

Resources and Support

Linking Families to Needed Resources and Support

A key part of medical homes is making sure that children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) and their families are linked to needed medical and non-medical services.  

For health care providers, linking can involve referring a family to a service, sharing a handout of local services with recommended services circled, posting materials with community resources in in waiting rooms, and keeping up-to-date on what's available (or knowing who does).  

Community service providers can make sure health care providers, health plans, family organizations and others know about available services as well as help families access and coordinate services.

Ideally, families will be given information about available services and support as soon as a concern is identified.  Finding out your child has a possible health or developmental problem can feel overwhelming. However, as part of your child's medical home team, you are not alone.   Discuss your child's needs and family preferences with your child's health care providers.  Ask for recommendations for services, including help keeping all the services coordinated.  Give your health care providers feedback on the services they refer you to.


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